Easy Deposit (Beta)

Easy Deposit is a new way feature to make deposits of bigger amounts easier and more convenient. You can find the feature on the typhoon when entering an amount into the amount box, instead of clicking a tab

How it works

When entering an amount in the amount box and hitting "Deposit", Typhoon will automatically split the amount across all available Typhoon Smart-Contracts. So say you enter "23 BNB", Typhoon would distribute this automatically into the 1BNB and 10BNB vaults:

The user will receive a text file that includes all of the notes that have been generated as a result of this in one batch.


Easy Deposit costs TYPH to use, but only when additional functionality is being used. The necessary amount of TYPH is displayed in the Deposit modal box.

The following cases do not cost TYPH:

  • Sending of TYPH as currency

  • Sending only 1 deposit, such as 1BNB, 10BNB, etc.

TYPH fees resulting from using this feature will be burnt immediately and removed from total supply.

Caution! You can risk anonymity if you don't do this right

Don't withdraw the same amount on the target wallet immediately!

Imagine you send 12.3 BNB to a friend and he withdraws all 12.3 BNB to his wallet. An observer could easily see that there has been only one 12.3 BNB transaction in recent times, and is able to use this information to de-anonymize users.

Wait between withdrawals, don't withdraw everything at once to the same wallet, or even better: Withdraw it to different wallets.

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