(WIP) Apply as Relayer

🚧 This site is under construction and not finalized yet 🚧

This is a simple guide to explain how to create your own relayer and apply to add it to Typhoon. This will assume you have basic IT knowledge and are experienced in running servers.

Currently the requirements to apply as a relayer is to hold xxxx TYPH Tokens. This might get revised in the future so make sure to check back.

The basic steps to create your own relayer are:

  1. Decide a fee you want to charge: As a relayer you can charge what you think is right for the service. The relayer provided us is charging 1%, but you can decide on what you think is reasonable.

  2. Get the necessary TYPH tokens: The relayer wallet has to hold the required TYPH tokens in order to get listed on the site

  3. Setup your own node: You can use anything you like to build a new relayer from scratch, or you can use the Golang-based one that we provide

  4. Apply for official listing: Go to the typhoon-feedback Github repository and create a open a new topic/issue with your proposal

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