Project Token Wallets

These are the following project wallets and their functions.

Everything labeled with "linear lock" is behind a contract that linearly vests tokens over n months of time. Locked tokens are inaccessible by anyone unless properly vested.

Project & Community Wallet (6,661,905 tokens)

Project & Community allocated funds are to be used as direct rewards towards the community and users of the service. The final goal of this allocation is to become fully circulating and in user hands.

To be used for:

  • Staking rewards

  • Liquidity rewards

  • Anonymity rewards

  • Airdrop

  • Feature incentives

Liquidity Wallet (556,187 tokens)

Allocation to be used towards liquidity and token circulation related topics such as dealing with exchanges.

To be used for:

  • Providing liquidity to AMMs (~300,000 tokens)

  • Providing tokens to exchanges

  • IFO allocation (-4,000,000 tokens)

Development & Day-to-day expenses (882,654 tokens)

Project related wallet to ensure long-term future of Typhoon

To be used for:

  • Ongoing day-to-day cost

  • Marketing

  • Salaries

  • Hiring

  • Audits

  • (initially also to pay early investors and partners)

Additional 12 Months Linear Vesting Contract

This contract holds the initial 4,000,000 tokens put aside on IFO date for long-term support towards the project.

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