Token Supply Overview

This page is to meant to give an overview of the circulating supply and the different allocations available. The content has been extracted from the whitepaper.

20,000,000 TYPH Max Supply

Currently circulating: ~8,000,000 TYPH

*for the exact figure, check

40% (8,000,000) Project & Community

  • The biggest allocation is solely for direct user distribution

  • To be used for direct rewards through staking, increasing the anonymity set and using the service

  • Airdrop and other reward initiatives

30% (6,000,000) Initial Liquidity

  • 20% (4.000.000) is to be used for an Initial Funds Offering and token circulation

  • 10% (2.000.000) is to be used for providing liquidity on AMMs and exchanges

30% (6,000,000) Project Allocation (4,000,000 locked)

  • 10% 2.000.000 are to be made available to the team and investors

  • 20% (4.000.000) are to be locked away behind immutable linear vesting contracts (deployed here) and to be released over a 12 months period

    • 10% of the locked away funds is to be used for ongoing costs, potentially legal

    • 10% is to be kept as reserve and not put into circulation unless deemed necessary in emergency

After IFO, 6.000.000 tokens will be unlocked, with an extra 2.000.000 gradually released through staking and liquidity initiatives.

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