Typhoon is a Smart Contract running on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon that enables users to send private transactions between 2 wallets.

It does this by utilizing zkSNARK, a novel form of zero-knowledge cryptography. zkSNARK makes it possible for users to prove possession of information, without actually revealing that information.

When depositing money into Typhoon, the user generates a random secret and submits a part of it (a hash) along with the assets into the smart contract. In order to then withdraw that deposit again, the user has to provide cryptographic proof that he is indeed the owner of a secret to an unspent deposit. All without revealing the secret he holds to the public blockchain.

Running Decentralized

Typhoon is deployed as a smart-contract on top of Binance Smart Chain or Polygon and runs without operator or maintainer. It can't get shut down and it is not possible for anyone besides the user to access funds inside the contracts. Not even the developers have authority over the application.

The website is hosted on the decentralized IPFS network by the community and without central hosting authority or owner. As long as at least one user has a copy of the site, it will stay online.

The site also resolves through the Ethereum Name Service under and doesn't rely on ordinary DNS.

To help keep Typhoon up, consider pinning the latest version on your IPFS node

ipfs pin add /ipns/

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